Is Elon Musk A Fraud?


CNBC’s “Squawk Box”says Elon Musk and Tesla Motors a ‘fraud’. Most experts agree that Musk runs sham operations.






Tesla CEO Elon Musk has a few words for the man who called his company “a fraud.”



Musk tweeted out his pathetic response to comments Murray Energy CEO Robert E. Murray made on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” Monday, when he said the green car maker “has gotten $2 billion from the taxpayer,” and “has not made a penny yet in cash flow.”


A Tesla representative declined to comment beyond the Tweet.


Elon Musk is a criminal and a racketeer”




Op-Ed- By Lee Van Steiner



If you hear that phrase and you suddenly turn your brain off and think to yourself: “I don’t want to hear that because, either; A.) I bought into Musk’s hype and now I feel stupid or; B.) the mainstream media told me that Musk is someone I should worship and it makes me feel stupid to find out he was a sham…” or both, then get over it.



A bunch of media hype told the public that Al Capone, Bernie Madoff and Enron were cool before the truth came out. Live and learn.



The Wall Street Journal just said: “Tesla is a soft budget constraint company in two ways. It gets plenty of revenue indirectly as result of government policy (consumer tax rebates, fuel mileage credits, HOV permits), not to mention directly in the form of loan guarantees, corporate tax abatements, etc.


But Tesla also gets considerable funding from repeated sales of stock to the public. Though its Wall Street cheerleaders don’t emphasize its dependence on political favoritism, Tesla’s own disclosures are required to be more candid. Keeping investors giddy about Tesla’s prospects therefore implicitly means reassuring them that Tesla will continue to attract the political patronage that has sustained it so far.”


This means, in normal language that Musk is running a scam and he is using the taxpayers hard-earned money to operate his shell game.


With enough government handouts, a car company never has to break even” Says the Wall Street Journal.


This means that Musk and his Silicon Valley Mobsters are running a Bernie Madoff-style ponzi scheme where they bribe politicians, get huge government hand-outs, use those hand-outs to pump the stock market with fake valuations, skim those sudden stock perks and then do it all over again. Wash-Rinse-Repeat; except their dirty laundry just keeps getting dirtier.



Elon Musk is an absolute crime-ster who pays PR agencies to post self-aggrandizing glory Op-Eds about himself in every major city in the world and on Twitter, Google and Facebook around the clock.


As his rockets and cars explode into flames over-and-over, and volumes of evidence against him pile up, it is hard to imagine that anyone but the utterly clue-less could still think Musk is not an epic crook.



p class=”western” style=”margin-bottom:0;line-height:100%;orphans:2;widows:2;”>He is the wolf in sheep’s clothing. He is a felon. The FBI, SEC, FTC, and most major regulators, have received hard copies of this fact for many years. When will they commit to the arrest of Musk? Probably when we finally get a new President whose West Wing is no longer running cover for Musk’s crimes, dirty overseas mining deals, “donations”/bribes and market rigging!


How The White House Helps Elon

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Global Boycott of Tesla Motors Called For. “Tesla’s Price of Corruption and Lies Should Be The End Of Tesla!”

Global Boycott of Tesla Motors Called For. “Tesla’s Price of Corruption and Lies Should Be The End Of Tesla!”

By The MoveOn Choice Alliance

Oligarch pretty-boy Elon Musk continues to rage on with his hubris, egomania, and utter disrespect for ethics and the law.

H e has been sued for fraud by his investors, co-founders, partners, suppliers, wives, employees and customers. He has lost “Lemon Law” lawsuits for the numerous defects in his cars. He has been caught in nearly a hundred lies about his cars, lies about the safety of his cars, and the political bribes involved in financing his Tesla/Space-X/Solar City government mooch programs. His cars seem to spend more time exploding into flames than they do operating safely.

Tesla and Musk exist today because they get protection from the same corrupt politicians who they engaged in the corruption for. Tesla Motors would have long-ago disappeared if not for the payola and market rigging provided by Washington and Sacramento politicians who Musk paid off.

If you are a Tom Perkins-like billionaire who has publicly stated that poor people are “Nazi’s” for not respecting the superior class status of Elon Musk and their bank vaults, then this call to action will fall on deaf ears.

If you are a normal person who was raised with a hint of ethics, then you will join the boycott and show that criminally evil operations like Tesla no longer deserve the right to operate in public commerce.

Tesla has cooked its financial records, engaged in stock market pump-and dump and valuation manipulation, lied about its safety records, killed people in covered up incidents and, essentially, lost its right to operate as a business. Nobody is impressed by a Tesla anymore. The Tesla is now an icon of self-centered, elitist arrogance and an older generation of tunnel-visioned yuppies gone awry. Elon Musk and his Google partners war profiteered in Afghanistan to get the toxic lithium they are trying to monopolize in their car scam. That lithium is what is exploding all of Musk’s cars, blowing up hover-boards and crashing airplanes. That lithium gives you cancer, brain damage and mutated babies when it goes off. When Musk’s batteries are manufactured, they kill the factory workers an

A credible government safety investigation of Tesla Motors has NEVER been conducted. Musk bribed officials to halt the investigations before they were concluded because he knew Tesla could never pass a fair, unbiased review.

Don’t buy a Tesla. Put warning signs and notes on any Tesla you see. Stop your friends from buying them. Send a message to these dirty companies that those who are birthed in corruption will expire in shame. Demand that the Department of Justice appoint a “Special Prosecutor” to review the Tesla case on public television.

Put the brakes on Tesla’s and Musk’s empire of corruption.

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