Be Careful On The Internet

Plug Privacy Leaks And Terminate Your Data Rape By Dedicating Your Digital Life To Disinformation

By T. Schlain

Everything you get near, own or touch that has a battery or an electric plug is now spying on you, taking your private information and using it against you.

How do you stop the daily rape of your private data and the manipulation of your life by those who use that data against you? These days, you must dedicate yourself to putting disinformation on every database in the world.

If you see a device, it is not nice

Never assume that a “smart” device or cell phone is a “helpful handy product”. Every product has been turned against you by hackers, foreign mobster organizations, corrupt Silicon Valley companies, bored kiddie geeks, your kids, your ex-lovers, the CIA and others. Every federal agency, movie studio and bank has now been hacked. The hackers are still sorting through the volumes of data to target you more deeply.

I’m nobody, I don’t need to worry

The most obscure, 9-to-5 Joe-Six-Pack average people are the ones that need to worry most. As they wander around their apartments talking to someone, their Amazon Echo, Samsung Smart TV, Apple iPhone and Facebook sites are recording what they say, building psychological profiles on them and using computers to decide how to manipulate their votes, buying choices and children’s education. The most obscure people are the most vulnerable and the most targeted.

If it has a plug, it has a bug

The CIA and the NSA don’t worry about you unless you used the word “B*MB* in a conversation, or you pissed off the current President. The CIA and The NSA, combined, do less spying than all of the other entities who spy on you for profit, political manipulation and deviant ‘intelligence porn’. Silicon Valley has spy contracts with the CIA and the NSA but Silicon Valley has no laws that prevent Silicon Valley from spying on you for profit, using the same technology they use for CIA cases.

Russian, Brazilian and Chinese hacker mobsters are your biggest threat and they have twice as many resources as the CIA. Note that the intelligence agencies use of Silicon Valley’s “Big Data” hype caused the intelligence community to miss some of the biggest terrorism acts of the last two decades. Silicon Valley has great salespeople but their technology can’t accurately figure out what people will actually do. The intelligence community has realized this and begun to cut off Silicon Valley’s crap “data harvesting” contracts. In desperation, Silicon Valley has been selling your spy data to commercial marketing companies to try to make up the difference in revenue loss.

While the CIA and NSA are cutting off Silicon Valley, because the tech companies always got things wrong, Silicon Valley has turned into the biggest spies of all. Never trust an App, a tech product or a “social media site”

Cute Lines Equal Deadly Designs

Bar codes and QR codes may look like clever little patterns that save you time but you should never use anything that has one on it. If you use a Safeway or Walgreens card, which has a bar code on it, to buy products in their stores, which have bar codes on them, ALWAYS acquire the card under a fake name, fake address, fake email address, fake gender and make certain nothing that you filled out to get the card ties back to the real you. Contest forms and discount coupons with Bar and QR codes tell where you live, how many kids you, pregnancy status, sexuality and compile information about how you think. Don’t use them or do use ones from other people at other addresses.

NEVER, EVER sign up for anything on the internet with your real information

You live in a new world. You must have disposable fake email addresses from an email stealth service. You must never put your real phone number on the internet. Always use a fake, wrong, gender and a fake age. Say that you live in a city many states away. Never put your real name on the internet. Don’t make websites about yourself. Don’t make Facebook, Twitter or other pages about yourself. You will only be harming yourself, your family, your friends and your children if you do so.

Government Agency Sites are the Least Secure

The United States Department of Energy has been hacked into hundreds and hundreds of times. So has the CIA, NASA, The NSA and every other government site. You would think they would be the most secure but they are not. Every federal background check file was stolen by hackers thought to be from China. Does your background file say you are secretly gay? China now knows about it. Be very careful with information that you put on forms. Be discrete. Politics and the ease of hacking make government sites a particularly valuable target.

Luke knows some stuff

One of the most prolific advocates for privacy hygiene is a fellow named Luke Bencie. His book: “Among Enemies” is essential reading. Luke was a top spy and federal-level intelligence operative who know lectures on how to protect yourself. See his book at For the past 15 years, Luke Bencie has traveled to more than 100 countries on behalf of the U.S. Government as well as for the private defense industry.

He has experienced, first-hand and sometimes painfully, the threat of espionage. He has seen the lengths to which foreign intelligence services and other hostile global competitors will go to steal American business secrets. Mr. Bencie currently serves as Managing Director of Security Management International, LLC, a security-consulting firm in the Washington, D.C. area. Prior to establishing SMI, Mr. Bencie was a Senior Security Consultant for Raytheon Company in the Intelligence and Information Systems Division. In this capacity he supported U.S. Government clientele on national security issues, as well as performed business development in emerging world markets. His site is at:

Surfaces Are Not Your Friends

One group of boutique hackers are known as “Surface Scanners”. They rent a hotel room or park a van on a hill with a view of many office and home windows. They set up gadgets that can read the voice vibrations off of any glass, metal or ceramic surface in, or around any room. They set up another gadget that can read any air vibrations that a voice causes in the air as sound comes out of your mouth. They set up another device, called an interferometer, that can read the laser or microwave shadows on the wall that your voice causes in the invisible air currents in the room. With this set of devices they just keep re-aiming their gadgets at hotel windows and offices, one-after-the-other, until they hear an interesting conversation they can use for black-mail or resale. All of these gadgets have appeared in numerous feature films but you probably were not paying attention. They all exist and any geek can build them.

Newspapers Don’t Yell At You

No savvy person goes on the internet without Ad-Blockers. Most people use Firefox Web Browser with many security plug-ins activated. When you used to browse the newspaper, you never got a letter from the NY Times or the Washington Post yelling at you because you didn’t look at one of their ads. Now, if you go to Forbes, or many other digital news sites, they pop a full screen (full scream?) message up at you whining about your ad blocker. Why?

Because the ads they want you to look at are also looking at you. Their ads are spy ads. Their ads have software hidden in them to spy on you. Be thankful that your Ad-Blocker is actually working and that your Ad-Blocker is really a Spy-Blocker. Keep Blocking, it will save your digital life.

Your OS Is A Mess

The Microsoft, Apple, Samsung Smart OS and Android Operating systems have been rife with back-doors and hacker access ways for decades. Spy agencies pay those companies to put spy tools in their software. If you use software, from those companies, to control your devices or computers you should expect to get hacked. These facts are widely published in IT journals but the average member of the public does not want to believe that a big company would do such things. The price, though, for not being informed, is total decimation of your data.

If it has a plug, it has a bug- PART TWO

Just unplug things and keep them unplugged until you need them. Always pull the battery out if your phone until you need to use it. PERIOD. These two simple routines will give you the most protection of all of the tips on this list.

Smart is Stupid

These days, you are considered “dumb” if you buy anything that says it is “smart”. A “Smart Device” or “Smart Car” is an open invitation to the world to hack you. Every “Smart” Product can be hacked in ten seconds or less. Be Smart and don’t buy “Smart Products.”

The Best Info is Dis-Info

Disinformation is intentionally false or misleading information that is spread in a calculated way to deceive target audiences.[1][2][3] The English word, which did not appear in dictionaries until the late-1980s, is a translation of the Russian дезинформация, transliterated as dezinformatsiya.[1][2][3] Disinformation is different from misinformation, which is information that is unintentionally false.[4] Misinformation can be used to define disinformation—where disinformation is misinformation that is purposefully and intentionally disseminated in order to deceive.[5]

Historically the word “disinformation” has been reserved for a body of false information propagated at the state and state secret services level but in recent times it has a looser meaning in English relating to propaganda, fake news or a body of lies by any organisation and possibly any individual. The Russian spies perfect this process. The extent of Soviet disinformation came to light through defections of KGB officers and officers of allied Soviet bloc services from the late 1960s through the 1980s.[19][20] Disorder during the fall of the Soviet Union revealed archival and other documentary information to confirm what the defectors had revealed.[19] Stanislav Levchenko and Ilya Dzerkvilov defected from the Soviet Union and by 1990 each had written books recounting their work in the KGB on disinformation operations.[20]

In 1961, a pamphlet was published in the United Kingdom titled: A Study of a Master Spy (Allen Dulles), which was highly critical of then-Director of Central Intelligence Allen Dulles.[21] The purported authors were given as Independent Labour Party Member of Parliament Bob Edwards and reporter Kenneth Dunne—when in actual fact the author was senior disinformation officer KGB Colonel Vassily Sitnikov.[21]

An example of successful Soviet disinformation was the publication in 1968 of Who’s Who in the CIA which was quoted as authoritative in the West until the early 1990s.[22]

According to senior SVR officer Sergei Tretyakov, the KGB was responsible for creating the entire nuclear winter story to stop the Pershing II missiles.[23] Tretyakov says that from 1979 the KGB wanted to prevent the United States from deploying the missiles in Western Europe and that, directed by Yuri Andropov, they distributed disinformation, based on a faked “doomsday report” by the Soviet Academy of Sciences about the effect of nuclear war on climate, to peace groups, the environmental movement and the journal AMBIO: A Journal of the Human Environment.[23]

For regular folks, disinformation must now be used as a conduit to the internet. Because your life, your children’s lives and your family can now be destroyed with three clicks of a mouse, you must protect yourself by creating a cloud of internet disinformation around yourself. When you first encounter the web you will think: “Cool, a hundred million people will see the new quilt I am making”. If, though, you express an opinion or talk about money you are making, fifty million of those people will suddenly come after you.

Imagine being in a football stadium where every seat is filled by rabid gorilla’s who hate red goats and they are all screaming, and foaming at the mouth, because they can’t find a red goat to kill. Suddenly you walk through the wrong door in the stadium and end up on the 50 yard line. You happen to be the only red goat in the stadium. Suddenly all the gorilla’s scream and rush at you in a massive tsunami of furry hell intending to kill you… it’s like that!

While you may think, at first, that going to all of the trouble of creating a protective fake persona for the web is too much of a hassle, you will regret not doing it once your life is taken away by some 14 year old blogger who had too much time on his hands.

It isn’t fair
You may be thinking that it isn’t fair that you have to learn new things to use the internet. You feel that the internet should be open and free like any other neighbourhood you want to go to. You are right, but…all neighbourhoods eventually teach you that life is not fair and you have to adopt some coping solutions in order to survive in them. These are the coping solutions for the internet neighbourhood.

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