By Marsdale Cedric, Special For BBC Research




I spoke with a very unique character. He has been around Silicon Valley billionaires for quite a few decades and has grown to despise them. “They use people like cattle. They rape, exploit and criminally manipulate state and federal policy for the benefit of their own twisted egos and never for the benefit of the public…” he said. We will call him “Ivan” for the sake of confidentiality.



He told the story of one of the main partners of Silicon Valley investing firm: Kleiner Perkins. Every Friday, this “industry icon” would have eight, or more, naked prostitutes come to his home and read classic books, from his library, to him while he sat in a big leather chair, in front of them, and manually “tickled his pickle”. Ivan arranged a conference call with a former call girl, in Florida, who had been hired for these debauchery sessions. She described a twisted man with twisted control issues who delighted in correcting mispronunciations when each of the ladies typo’d a word. As she aptly put it: “He didn’t pay them for sex, he paid them to be abused and belittled and to make himself feel powerful. The ladies were naked and vulnerable and he minimized them even further because it made him feel good…”



This sums up the twisted personalities of the Silicon Valley Oligarchs and why so many people think that the Silicon Valley mob bosses need to be destroyed and divested of all of their money and power. They are just sick little shits who have no right to spray their digital feces across the internet, say those who know.



Silicon Valley’s Joe Lonsdale is charged with psychological and physical rape. Google’s executive; Forrest Hayes, died from too many hookers and heroin. Google’s Eric Schmidt has a sex penthouse and promotes infidelity. Google’s other founder, Sergey, got caught in a 3-way sex romp with his own employees. Google has paid out incredible sums of money to silence so many sex charges that it would make Bill Cosby blush. Silicon Valley’s Tesla VC Ravi Kumar also suffered death-by-hooker. The largest number of marital abuse cases and hooker services in the USA take place in Silicon Valley. Most of Silicon Valley heads of to Burning Man to promote sex orgies. Almost every Silicon Valley VC and Tech CEO came from one of the fraternity houses under investigation or suspension for date rape and organized misogyny. Silicon Valley’s Uber and Tesla Motors have a huge number of sex abuse matters filed against them. Facebook’s Dov Katz was arrested for arranging under-age sex schemes. Elon Musk’s programmer ran the Dark Road drug and murder-for-sale site. Google investor Mike Goguen was sued for anal sex-slave trafficking. Tech CEO Christina Noren and Ellen Pao have publicly exposed the warped “boys club” of Silicon Valley. Microsoft hires under-age costumed strippers for its Bay Area parties… get the point?



I could list THOUSANDS of police and court documented perversions, abuses and crimes that the Silicon Valley oligarchs engage in every single day but their true crimes are far worse and far more vast.



These guys made deals with government officials to personally harm YOU in order to put cash in their pockets. They spy on you for personal profit and ideological control of your thoughts. They feel that if you don’t think the way that they think, then you need to be “corrected”. Single Valley has become the “Thought Police” of George Orwell’s famous book: “1984”. You have heard of subliminal messages but did you know that every single line on Facebook, Google, Amazon, Ebay, Snapchat, Twitter, Linkedin, Reddit and their clan are subliminal messages and structures designed to steer you to think like Mark Zuckerberg and Eric Schmidt?



You have now seen the Wikileaks CIA electronic tactics documents that were recently leaked but did you realize that Silicon Valley was already using all of these mind-control tactics on you before the CIA even tried it on the Middle East? Google and Facebook used these hidden mind manipulation tools to get you to buy Pepsi and Pampers and to vote for Hillary Clinton so that Google could make profits by controlling your politics and brand knowledge.



That is the real way that Silicon Valley abuses you. They bend you over and shove it all the way up you until it snaps onto your brain stem. They rape your mind!



Facebook, Google, Amazon, Ebay, Snapchat, Twitter, Linkedin, Reddit and the Silicon Cartel lie about how many people use their systems. They lie to advertisers in order to justify fake bills. They lie to politicos in order to play all sides of the table. They lie to you about the truth of their manipulated, manipulative, misleading, inaccurate, half-truth, BS, agenda-biased main-stream propaganda disguised as “news”. They sabotage all competitors, reporters and insiders who speak out against them.



They do not deserve to exist and must be bankrupted into oblivion. The FTC must be driven to file the biggest anti-trust charges, in history, against them. They must be wiped out.



So that is why our friend put Donald Trump in The White House!








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