46% Of Millennials In San Fran Ready To Move Out; Blame Housing, Traffic & Trump



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A growing number of snowflake millennials are saying they can no longer stand to live in the preeminent American ‘safe space’ of San Francisco because the “rent is too damn high”, the traffic is too damn congested and, well, President Trump.  According to a new poll conducted by the Bay Area Council, 40% of all people living in San Francisco say they’re ready to ditch the city for greener pastures while the number is even higher among millennials at 46%.



A growing number of Bay Area residents, led by millennials (18-39), are looking to greener (or less expensive) pastures as the region’s housing and traffic crises combined with an astronomical cost of living take their toll, according to results of the 2017 Bay Area Council Poll released today. The poll found that 40 percent of respondents are considering leaving the Bay Area in the next few years, with millennials leading the way at 46 percent, along with those who spend the biggest share of their income on housing.


“Losing our youth is a very bad economic and social strategy,” said Jim Wunderman, President and CEO of the Bay Area Council. “But until we get serious about building the housing we need we’re going to continue seeing our region drained of the young and diverse talent that has helped make the Bay Area an economic powerhouse. We know what the solutions are – streamline local approval and reduce fees and regulatory costs – we just need the political will here and in Sacramento to make them happen. It can be done, it must be done and we’re working now to get it done.”


Meanwhile, the number of people saying they’re looking to ditch the city jumped 6 points versus 2016.


San Fran




Of course, housing and traffic were the most cited reasons that people were looking leave San Fran.  But, in a rather surprising new addition to the list of complaints, President Trump also showed up as a key threat to life in the Bay Area.  Perhaps, the snowflakes of California’s northern shores aren’t aware that even if they move elsewhere in the country that President Trump would still be their president?


San Fran




So it’s probably not at all surprising that a growing number of people think San Fran is on the “wrong track.”



Santa Clara County, home to Silicon Valley and some of the region’s most expensive housing, has the highest number of residents thinking of finding a new address outside the Bay Area, at 47 percent. Across the entire region, renters (50%) are also much more likely than homeowners (31%) to want to cast off, while those who have lived in the Bay Area the longest are far less likely to want to exit than those who have more recently arrived.


“We’ve pulled up the welcome mat,” Wunderman said. “A healthy, growing economy needs new blood, but resistance to new housing combined with the grind of traffic and an ever-lengthening commute are closing the door to new residents, to a new generation. The Council is addressing these problems by supporting new funding at a state level to fix roads and highways, advocating for federal funding to increase capacity on Caltrain, working to expand regional ferry service and urging employers to promote greater use of carpool and rideshare technologies. On the housing front, the Council last year sponsored the only significant housing bill to win approval, making it faster, easier and less expensive for homeowners to add affordable in-laws units. This year, we’re working with legislators on a number of bills to streamline housing approvals that represent our best
hope to address the state’s massive housing shortage.”


San Fran




Seems like the flood of tech gurus swarming San Fran have just found out that their $200,000 salaries will buy them the same lifestyle as a $60,000 salary in any other ‘normal’ American town.


Here are the full survey results.

The Rotting of San Francisco, A City That Decayed From the Inside Out.



By Not Supervisor Peskin



All of the cool people are moving out of San Francisco as fast as possible in order to leave the place to the infestation of Google douche-bags and Chinese tax evaders that have turned San Francisco into a festering hell hole of pretension, hubris, self-aggrandizement and asshole-ness.



The Millenium Tower, the new sky scraper in San Francisco, is falling over and sinking into the ground just like many hope the whole city does, now. The Millenium Tower bribed enough politicians to look the other way so that it could be built fast and cheap to house the Millennial Douchebags. Now nobody wants it. It sits in full view as a towering monument to San Francisco City Hall’s losing battle with corruption.



The last 4 Mayors of San Francisco have been notoriously embroiled in real estate corruption. The current San Francisco administration is no different. In fact, one ex San Francisco Mayor: Dianne Feinstein, has now been voted “One of the Most Corrupt Politicians In History!”.



One would think that the billionaire crowd would have gotten the city all polished up but that never happened. The billionaires never venture outside of upper Fillmore street, and Hayes Valley, so the city only keeps those areas clean. The rest of the city constantly smells like baking urine and feces. Filthy rags and used condoms peek out from every alley, bush and between the cars that were lucky enough to find one of the five parking spots left in San Francisco.
































Everyone walks around San Francisco staring at their Facebook page on their phone as if it mattered one iota. They are fools whose brain chemistry has latched onto the device the same way an alcoholic latches onto cheap whiskey.



The poor people, who could not afford to leave the city, huddle in doorways and sit on curbs begging for money. More of the poor arrive everyday because San Francisco DNC leaders wanted to make The City an example of how migrants can swell voter registration. Aside from the monthly murder by those immigrants, that program is going to plan. All of the naive young children that convince their rich parents that “it is all happening in San Francisco”, get a condo in San Francisco, paid for by daddy, and they grow a beard like this:




The beard serves no better purpose than to more publicly flag them as assholes and spoiled brats who have no clue how the world really works.




To further the corruption, San Francisco politicians took tens of millions of dollars of bribes from Google, Twitter and Facebook to let them run covert buses through the City in order to whore the brand out to The Silicon Valley Cartel. Google, Twitter and Facebook paid for the DNC campaigns so it is fitting that they, and the City that they bought, all die together. The world, generally, has realized that Google, Twitter and Facebook are the same Cartel of privacy abusing, data harvesting, perception manipulating, CIA-funded psychotic billionaires who will stop at nothing to expand their bank vaults and political power.



The billionaires have caused the whole city to be “under construction”. The traffic jams have become epic. There is no safe place to walk in the City unless you want the Urine-Everywhere smell to saturate your clothes like that Starbucks caffeine and coffee smell that can never be washed away.



The idiots that moved from Stanford University to raise a family in San Francisco were the first to go. The schools are dangerous. The parks are full of trash, pedophiles, trannies, pot and stray dogs. You are afraid to take your baby in a stroller and the majority of San Franciscan’s have stopped having babies because it is no longer cool. San Franciscan’s think that having babies is a scam created by bankers to addict you to debt.



The San Francisco Yuppie Supervisors and the San Francisco Convention and Visitor Bureau constantly proclaim that stories like these are just focusing on a few bad aspects but go the San Francisco’s Japan Town and walk south. Go to Union Square and walk Southwest. You will see.



San Francisco died because of corruption.



Political leaders, hired by the people, took instant Google cash payola for their pockets instead of long term designs for the public community.



The shops are no longer cute and interesting. They are desperate, over-priced and commercial.



The tourists are fatter, more distant and express greater disdain.



Everything you heard about in your tour-book has a layer of grime and filth that holds the germs, sweat and fear of a million other suckers that have come before.



Gonorrhea and STD’s have again reached an epidemic status in the City. Sex clubs and sex with anybody and anything is back in vogue.



Every single event that San Francisco puts out turns out to have huge amounts of the budget from that event disappear into the pockets of somebodies friend from City Hall. The City agencies bounce from one scandal to the next, each more horrific than the last. It is as if the whole place just gave up.



16 “law firms” in the City are known as the go-to guys when you want to launder money to a City Hall official. It is a City government based on absolute corruption at the expense of every person who lives in, or near San Francisco.




p class=”western” style=”margin-bottom:0;line-height:100%;orphans:2;widows:2;”>Casey’s Moving only moves stuff from the Symphony and Opera buildings. Only one bunch of Italians get to do the garbage. Only McCune gets to do the sound systems. For each and every City service there is a precise and long-standing kick-back and payola scheme with an insider. Herb Caen once confided, at Sam’s Restaurant, that City Hall was run by a bunch of mobsters that could put the Mafia to shame. He was right.


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