What to do when County officials engage in political reprisals against you!





File public-interest lawsuits for RICO, Civil Rights violations and related corruption charges against the top 10 county administrators, PERSONALLY, the county itself and the attacking investigator, personally, for abuse of office.



Publish a WIKIPEDIA book, ASAP about the entire incident naming all of the names involved.



Investigate the top 15 county officials and their campaign financiers and track back every: Hooker use and sex party activity; Off-shore tax evasion account; Un-reported or improperly documented


Illicit family trust funds; Covert construction company and building supplier ownerships which inure to those officials through payola and kickback deals; and every other traceable illicit action which clever private and public investigation and forensic science can uncover.



Seek Federal defunding of the entire County and contact every federal entity that has ever distributed funds to the county within the last 10 years.



Use our peer-to-peer investigation network of millions of voters and current and former intelligence and law enforcement contacts to eradicate any and all improprieties in the County and place all County staff under long term surveillance.



Send out bi-weekly national press releases with updates on the investigations.



Hold public TV press conferences in front of the offices of officials engaging in such reprisals.



Use ALL of these entirely legally actions WITH the support of Congressional officials and Federal law resources.

Judge Verna Adams of Marin County; enabler/apologist for …

In 1995, then Gov. Gray Davis was duped into appointing Verna A. Adams to a judgeship on the Marin County Superior Court.


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