Scott Redmond Says Peter Thiel Is Not Secretly Funding His Anti-Corruption Lawsuits. John Podesta Isn’t So Sure.



By Donna Keys




Sony Pictures, Google, Gawker Media, Bittorrent, Univision, Kleiner Perkins, and Elon Musk all have a few things in common. They were the covert financiers, beneficiaries and operatives for two national political campaigns, the covert financiers and operatives for media attacks against the same group of people and the people who spied on and took property belonging to someone in particular.



As covert financiers, they can probably relate to Hulk Hogan getting his own covert financier to help him gain justice. The White House’s Peter Thiel has turned out to be the backer of Hogan’s history-making case.



Sony Pictures, Google, Gawker Media, Bittorrent, Univision, Kleiner Perkins, and Elon Musk and their political crony’s have operated a massive series of hit-jobs against Scott because he filed corruption and criminal charges against them which have resulted in their bankruptcies, terminations of their executives and ongoing FBI, GAO, FTC and SEC investigations. They also stole property and money from Scott and he is damned determined to either get it back or legally make sure they can never do it again to anybody.



Scott has been left with no resources thanks to the combined attacks of huge, corrupt but world-class lawsuits are expensive. Is Peter Thiel paying to have the same people that attacked Thiel, and all of Thiel’s associates, taken down? Half of the CIA, The FBI, The GAO, most of The 2017 Congress and many knowledgeable insiders are very supportive of Redmond’s anti-corruption work with various task force groups, but that doesn’t pay the legal bills. Hundreds of millions of voters support Redmond but they are not sending in any money.



It may be that Donald Trump is secretly funding Redmond’s cases but others think that is not likely. In any case, Redmond and his Team have set many legal precedents and exterminated quite a number of bad guys and their schemes, all with the help of the top cops in the USA. Redmond has sworn in court that he receives no cash from any party for his community service efforts.




p style=”margin-bottom:0;line-height:100%;”>One of his old girlfriends and Hillary Clinton’s partner and associate, also swears that he gets no cash from political people. If Peter Thiel, Donald Trump or Vinod Khosla are paying for the lawyers, Redmond is grateful. Someday, Wikileaks will probably let the cat out of the bag but until then, we can all watch in glee as Redmond and his Congress-folks go all Trey Gowdy on the dirty dogs of Washington, DC that turned the government into a cess-pool of corruption.


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