Why You Shouldn’t Live In California and Especially The Silicon Valley Area

San Francisco Skyline - Public DomainIt has been said that “as California goes, so goes the nation”.  That is why it is such a shame what is happening to that once great state.  At one time, California seemed to be the epicenter of the American Dream.  Featuring some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the entire world, the gorgeous weather and booming economy of the state inspired people from all over the world to move to the state.  But now people are moving out of the state by the millions, because life in California has literally become a nightmare for so many people.

I certainly don’t have anything against the state personally.  My brother and sister were both born there, and I spent a number of my childhood years in stunning northern California.  When I was younger I would sometimes dream of getting a place on the coast eventually, but for reasons I will discuss below I no longer think that would be advisable.

In fact, if I was living in California today I would be immediately looking for a way to move out of the state unless I specifically felt called to stay.  The following are 16 reasons why you shouldn’t live in California…

#1 The entire California coastline is part of the “Ring of Fire” seismic zone that roughly encircles the Pacific Ocean.  The San Andreas Fault has been described as a “time bomb“, and at some point there will be a catastrophic earthquake that absolutely devastates the entire region.  In fact, a study that was just released says that a “major earthquake” on the San Andreas Fault “is way overdue”

A recently published study reveals new evidence that a major earthquake is way overdue on a 100 mile stretch of the San Andreas Fault from the Antelope Valley to the Tejon Pass and beyond.

Researchers with the U.S. Geological Survey released the results of the years-long study warning a major earthquake could strike soon.

#2 Out of all 50 states, the state of California has been ranked as the worst state for business for 12 years in a row

In what is sounding like a broken record, California once again ranked dead last in Chief Executive magazine’s annual Best and Worst States for Business survey of CEOs – as it has all 12 years the survey has been conducted. Texas, meanwhile, earned the top spot for the 12th straight year.

Among the survey’s subcategories, the 513 CEOs from across the nation ranked California 50th in taxation and regulation, 35th in workforce quality and 26th in living environment, which includes cost of living, the education system and state and local attitudes toward business. Notably, California placed worst among the nine states in the Western region in all three categories.

#3 California has the highest state income tax rates in the entire nation.  For many Americans, the difference between what you would have to pay if you lived in California and what you would have to pay if you lived in Texas could literally buy a car every single year.

#4 The state government in Sacramento seems to go a little bit more insane with each passing session.  This time around, they are talking about going to a single-payer healthcare system for the entire state that would cost California taxpayers 40 billion dollars a year

On Friday, State Senator Ricardo Lara introduced legislation that would transition California’s healthcare into a single-payer system. (RELATED: Read what a retired colonel said about the real purpose of Obamacare). The system would be very similar to the healthcare system currently in place in Canada and would cost California taxpayers roughly $40 billion for the first year alone. Given the poor economic climate California has already created for itself, this will no doubt be just one more burden on the people of California, and one step closer towards total bankruptcy.

Micah Weinberg, the president of the Economic Institute at the Bay Area Council, raised concerns over the financial consequences of the proposed legislation. “Where are they going to come up with the $40 billion?” he asked. He went on to suggest that adopting a state level single-payer system is “just not feasible to do as a state.”

#5 The traffic in the major cities just keeps getting worse and worse.  According to USA Today, Los Angeles now has the worst traffic in the entire world, and San Francisco is not far behind.

#6 A lot of money is being made in Silicon Valley these days (at least for now), but poverty is also exploding in the state.  In desperation, homeless people are banding together to create large tent cities all over the state, and the L.A. City Council recently asked Governor Jerry Brown “to declare homelessness a statewide emergency“.

#7 Thanks to unchecked illegal immigration, crime is on the rise in many California cities.  The drug war that has been raging for years in Mexico is increasingly spilling over the border, and many families have moved out of the state for this reason alone.

#8 California is one of the most litigious states in the entire nation.  According to the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform, the “lawsuit climate” in California is ranked 47th out of all 50 states.

#9 Every year wildfires and mudslides wreak havoc in the state.  Erosion is particularly bad along the coast, and I have previously written about how some portions of the California coastline are literally falling into the ocean.

#10 California has some of the most ridiculous housing prices in the entire country.  Due to a lack of affordable housing rents have soared to wild extremes in San Francisco, where one poor engineer was actually paying $1,400 a month to live in a closet.

#11 All over the state, key infrastructure is literally falling to pieces.  Governor Jerry Brown recently issued a list of key projects that needed to be done as soon as possible, and the total price tag for that list was 100 billion dollars.  Of course that list didn’t even include the Oroville Dam, and we all saw what happened there.

#12 Radiation from the ongoing Fukushima nuclear disaster continues to cross the ocean and wash up along the California coastline.  The impact of this crisis on the health of those living along the west coast could potentially be felt for generations.

#13 Illegal drug use in the state is on the rise again, and emergency rooms are being flooded by heroin overdose victims.

#14 On top of everything else, it is being reported that Russia is “quietly ‘seeding’ the U.S. shoreline with nuclear ‘mole’ missiles”.  The following comes from retired colonel and former Russian defense ministry spokesman Viktor Baranetz

“What are these mysterious ‘asymmetrical responses’ that our politicians and generals speak about so often? Maybe it’s a myth or a pretty turn of phrase? No! Our asymmetrical response is nuclear warheads that can modify their course and height so that no computer can calculate their trajectory. Or, for example, the Americans are deploying their tanks, airplanes and special forces battalions along the Russian border. And we are quietly ‘seeding’ the U.S. shoreline with nuclear ‘mole’ missiles (they dig themselves in and ‘sleep’ until they are given the command)[…]

“Oh, it seems I’ve said too much. I should hold my tongue.”

Hopefully what Baranetz is claiming is not accurate, because if it is even partly true the implications are absolutely staggering.

#15 North Korea is a major nuclear threat as well.  It is being reported that the North Koreans are developing an ICBM that could potentially reach the west coast of the United States…

Defense officials have warned that North Korea is on the brink of producing an ICBM that could target the United States. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un announced in January during his New Year’s address that Pyongyang had “entered the final stage of preparations to test-launch” an ICBM that could reach parts of the United States.

#16 Someday a very large earthquake will produce a major tsunami on the west coast.  According to the Los Angeles Times, one study found that a magnitude 9.0 earthquake along the Cascadia fault could potentially produce a massive tsunami that would “wash away coastal towns”…

If a 9.0 earthquake were to strike along California’s sparsely populated North Coast, it would have a catastrophic ripple effect.

A giant tsunami created by the quake would wash away coastal towns, destroy U.S. 101 and cause $70 billion in damage over a large swath of the Pacific coast. More than 100 bridges would be lost, power lines toppled and coastal towns isolated. Residents would have as few as 15 minutes notice to flee to higher ground, and as many as 10,000 would perish.

Scientists last year published this grim scenario for a massive rupture along the Cascadia fault system, which runs 700 miles off shore from Northern California to Vancouver Island.

Over the past decade, approximately five million people have moved away from California.

After reading this article, perhaps you have a better understanding why so many people are getting out while they still can.

To me, one of the greatest concerns is the rise in seismic activity that we are seeing all over the world.  In my latest book I express my belief that the United States will be greatly affected by this increase in seismic activity, and California is going to get hit harder than just about anywhere else.

Once again, I don’t have anything against California or the people that live there.  It is such a beautiful place, and it once held so much promise.

Unfortunately that promise has been shattered, and there is a mass exodus out of the state as families flee the horrific nightmare that California is in the process of becoming.


The regular residents of San Francisco have had it with the “Ass Holes”!
Public Comments About The Reasons San Francisco Has Turned Into A Shit Hole:
– It’s cold and windy almost all the time. While the rest of the country enjoys a pleasant summer day, it’s Ice Station Zebra up in this bitch
– There’s nowhere to park.
– Too crowded. Why is everyone always where I want to go? Don’t you people have anywhere else to go?
– Hippies
– The most hateful people in the world if you don’t agree with their ideologies
– Epic political corruption and crony politics
– Homeless people are never given options. Esp. the person who took a shit on my front steps earlier this week.
–  Everything is too fucking expensive. $1250 for that studio in the Tenderloin? That’s like a 3-bedroom house anywhere else. BONUS: No whores.
– Too many weirdos.
– Too loud. The drunk and drugged up people all believe that yelling at 3AM is a great idea
– Too many Ukrainian gold-diggers in the bars trying to get pregnant to black-mail you
– No possible way to raise children there
– Pretends to be all “open” and “crunchy granola” but is actually full of hate and elitism
– Earthquakes. How about a completely random event that can destroy your house and everything you own and kill you and your family? Great, where do I sign????
– There’s no Walmart
– NIMBYs. Including people who never want to change anything or see anything new.
–  Hipsters
– Tesla driving douchebag assholes who have no clue what idiot Frat Boys everybody thinks they are
– “Bros” and Stanford rapist Frat Boys
–  Stupid snotty Marina chicks who have a life goal of bagging a rich guy for top alimony
– Gavin Newsom: the drug, sex and booze addict
– Idiotic mustache and “artistic beard” fad makes Hipsters look even stupider and more like clones than they already are
– Pretentious, heavily-tattooed waiters who think you’re scum because you’re not working on a screenplay or art installation. Why don’t you install that flatiron steak right the fuck over here, asshole.
– Muni. These people shouldn’t be operating the Little Puffer Miniature Steam Train at the zoo, much less the transit system of a major metropolitan area.
– People who say “I’m a fourth-generation San Franciscan.” I’m a fifth-generation Who Gives a Fuck.
– 4 Non-Blondes.
– The Incredibly Useless Board of Supervisors. If we’ve gotten around to banning Happy Meals, I guess all the other problems have been cleared up. Right? Right?
– Tourists who are utterly clueless about the world
– The largest number of sexually transmitted disease cases in America
– Most of the gals on Match.com and OKCupid are hookers or gold-diggers
– Bike snobs. People who say “I choose not to own a car.”
– Rich Middle Eastern tourists who wear outfits like the Monopoly man or “Slut-wear”
– Terrible drivers
– Too many hills
– Chris Daly
– Chevy’s
– Almost all the good profiles on San Francisco dating sites are fake. They are usually Russian mobsters trying to scam you
– Drunks. People yelling outside your window at 2:30 a.m. after the bars close. STFU.
– Foodies. Why have a pizza when you can have an Artisanal Crispy Flatbread with Burrata from Cows Massaged Thrice Daily and Locally-Produced Dry-Cured Prosciutto Seasoned with Herbs from the Chef’s Special Garden for $23?
– Rainbow Grocery. People who shop at Rainbow Grocery.
– People who bitch about everything.
– Burning Man ass-hole-ism
– Burning Man idiots
– Anything associated with the racist, frat-house, look-at-me rape-fest that is Burning Man
– When I forget to bring my own grocery bags into the grocery store, everyone looks at me like I’m Hitler.
– The people who get on your super packed bus with four trash bags full of aluminum cans. This happens to be the bus you waited 50 minutes to board (you heard me, 28 line) and which is the only bus that can get you to work from where you live. I always want to yell, “Really? Do you and your fifty bags of cans really need to get on board this particular bus at this very moment?”
– Those assholes who block traffic on Fridays with their Bike Nazi S.F. Takedown Parade” that makes it twice as long to get home.
– Everybody drinks so much effing coffee, yet they don’t move perceptibly faster as a result. Move along, people!
– All the Hipsters end up being suicidal Baristas after they realize Twitter is screwing them seven ways from Sunday
– San Franciscans sometimes take themselves too seriously
– Love and relationships are based on your cash and assets
– The parking meter rates are insane. You need to take you a loan to park
– Stanford University fucking Marina assholes who choose my neighborhood, the TL to act like they own the place.
– Old Italian mobster families who actually think anybody cares about “4th Generation” anything. “4th Generation” means your grandfather ran whore-houses and mobster garbage truck services. Shut up about your “4th Generation” crap.
– Pretending to be “tolerant” yet creating Twitter and Facebook to hate on Conservatives
– There is only 1 In-N-Out, and it’s at Fisherman’s Wharf (AKA the only reason a local would go to Fisherman’s Wharf, but we’d think about going to Daly City first)
– Tourists who look like they are brain-dead
–  SF is tired: overcrowded, dirty, stinks, and gentrified to the point of being so obnoxious that it has lost all of its charm. I lived there as a teenager in the early 80s and it was cleaner, less crowded and the people were genuinely hip and liberal. After spending a year there for work in 2011 I couldn’t wait to get out of the overpriced pit. It will always have its snob appeal which explains it high concentration of guppies/yuppies that spend most of their time trying to justify how much they paid for their overpriced crack house in the mission or their TIC / Condo near dolores park. LOL!!!
–  I remember living in that god awful city. People were mean nasty stuck up and retarded. I paid 1500 for a room where junkies shot up in my hall and the minute I met people in the punk/goth scene like myself if I didn’t read a particular book or like one particular song OR MADE ENOUGH MONEY I was snubbed immediately I later found out there was no scene there other than HIPSTERS WHO POSED AS MEMBERS OF A SUBCULTURE. Hipsters are the demise of every scene and have infested the city of SF like a case of crabs you can’t get rid of. I left SF years ago but every now and then I am haunted by people who live there. I moved all the way to South Florida and those people always come here to visit and you can tell they are from SF from a mile away. I especially hate the Castro district as a gay male I found them to be the utmost stuck up racist pretentious pieces of shit I have ever met. The only good thing that could happen in SF is a tsunami washing it away or a devastating earthquake to knock if off the map. Over priced, stuck up, overrun by the worst kinds of people in the world. 5 years away from that pathetic excuse for a city and me hatred is just as fresh as it was when I left. FUCK YOU SF MAY YOU ROT IN HELL!!!!!
–  Just returned from a work trip in the bay area and visited a friend in the mission / dolores park area in San Francisco proper. Everyone has their reasons for liking a place but coming from Capitol Hill in Seattle I can tell you that SFO seems like rats on the titanic racing to the nearest crack house that goes up for sale just under a million dollars! If you are an insecure trendy gay snob who is defined by where he/she lives it is a perfect place to live!! Still smells like sewage and seeing people let their dog shit on the sidewalk because their is no grass unless you happen to live near an overcrowded park tells me it still is the shit-hole that I left. Seattle is SO much nicer. My friend is moving back to Seattle because he has the same opinion that I do.
– I hate it too. For all of the reasons you listed and more. Don’t get me wrong it has many nice qualities. But not enough to outweigh the bad. It’s overcrowded, disingenuous, loud, overpriced, and filthy. There is little opportunity here unless you are involved in the tech industry. I moved here from the east coast over 15 years ago. First I stayed for a relationship, then for a job, now for school. I can’t wait to graduate and get out of here. This place is an utter shithole.

San Francisco has become a stinking hell-hole of urine, feces and mindless hipsters: What went wrong?

By The City Hall Insider

No city on Earth needs an Intervention more than San Francisco.
Ever since the Barbary Coast days, the operation of the City government has been devoted to whores, crooked administrators and dressed up gangsters. San Francisco has only let the slime slide into more cracks, over time. The whores are now political prostitutes. The crooked administrators openly steal cash and the Barbary Coast gangsters, who had all moved to North Beach, died out and are replaced by sinister old men and women who you can find curmudgeon-ing into the San Francisco Symphony Hall at each “Opening Night” bash they are required to attend.
Nothing is ever actually put out to bid by the City. Every big party, event and contract goes to a friend of the Mayor. You always get shitty events that fail every single time that way. You get buildings like the Millenium Tower that are sinking into the ground and falling over at the same time and can kill a thousand people if it collapses during rush hour. It is full of arrogant prick VC’s and spoiled brat yuppies so no loss there; but what about the innocent workers down below?
San Francisco City Hall allowed the City to become steeped in public urination and shoe-scraping shit at every turn. It did it by catering to momentary bubbles of Fad in order to line Mayoral pockets. In order to get David Rockefeller to pad pockets; real estate give-aways, like Embarcadero Center were used. The Renown bag men at the Coblentz Law firm moved the money from billionaire to politician.
Then the Mayors office sold the City to Twitter, Google and the scumbags of Silicon Valley. Things got much worse for regular folks but the Mayor’s people pocketed some big personal cash and stock warrants. The police and planning department scandals doubled in size and the nightmare was off to a truly dark place.
The Academy of Art University is a SCAM that the City of San Francisco refuses to shut down. The Academy of Art University, formerly Academy of Art College, is a privately owned for-profit art school in San Francisco, California, in the United States. It was founded as the Academy of Advertising Art by Richard S. Stephens in 1929.[2] It has 283 full-time teachers and 1154 part-time teaching staff, and about 15,000 students;[3] it claims to be the largest privately owned art and design school in the United States.[4] The school is one of the largest property owners in San Francisco, with the main campus located on New Montgomery Street in the South of Market district.[5] Since 2007 the San Francisco city planning commission has held more than twenty hearings relating to possible violations of the land-use laws of the city, including the unauthorized conversion of rent-controlled housing to academic use;[6][7] in May 2016 the city brought a lawsuit against the school.[8] Every other City and even the federal government have shut down these scam for profit “colleges” but San Francisco’s political idiots pocket more money and keep the scam going. The Academy of Art University spends millions of dollars advertising to the world’s naive hipsters that they should come to San Francisco to learn to be “artists” and wear ripped T-shirts. The Academy of Art University teaches kids how to sell their rich parents on funding their kids vacation in San Francisco. Almost NO graduates of The Academy of Art University get careers in art. The Academy of Art University is the largest provider of dead-end lives as “Barista’s” on Earth. The Academy of Art University is a real estate scam and Ponzi scheme for naive kids. The Academy of Art University sucks at least 30% of the hipster idiots into San Francisco. They all end up leaving with no jobs, homeless and shitting in the street or contemplating suicide at the end of their lifeless Starbucks shift.
San Francisco made so many regular folks unable to afford to live in the City that it created a massive army of homeless people and an elitist attitude that locked all retail bathrooms to those who didn’t want to piss in the street. The actual yellow rivers of rotten piss and human crap that flow across San Francisco’s sidewalks mirror exactly the minds of the politicians who are supposed to take care of the City.
The world is not interested in visiting the nightmare that San Francisco has become. Who, in their right mind, wants to leave their perfectly good City to go see a crap-filled City full of elitist, snotty, assholes? You will freeze, become sad and learn the true smell of week old shit if you come to San Francisco.
The Mayor of San Francisco must urgently create a Department of Assholes in order to stave off the fall of the City. As The Yuppie Venture Capital monument known as the Millenium Tower begins its own slow motion fall, the City must accept the fact that things have hit rock bottom.
The Department of Assholes would not help the overwhelming floods of assholes that are rolling, tsunami-like into the City; it would stop them. San Francisco would use the D.O.A. to help itself not become a Sanctuary City for the naive, greed-driven, tone deaf, narcissists that have invaded it.

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