By Karen Moss – Stanford University



– Univision media is the most watched network by immigrants



– Univision has brainwashed immigrants into thinking that all women are air-head sex objects with Univision’s surgically altered big boob, giant butt, lip injected objectified female hostesses



– Womens rights groups and University groups demand that FCC pull Univision’s broadcasting licenses



– Boycott’s of Univision urged



– Study shows that “Immigrants are being brain washed into coming to America to grab breasts and take women sexually whenever they please…”




– Gawker and Gizmodo assets of Univision held up as additional examples of “scum-baggery” at Univision



New York and Stanford – Studies and casual observation prove that Univision relies on the exploitation of women for it’s bread and butter.






















































































































































Exploitation of women in mass media – Wikipedia


The exploitation of women in mass media is the use or portrayal of women in the mass media (such as television, film and advertising) to increase the appeal of media …


Women and Exploitation – California State University …

Exploitation of Women in Advertising . Advertising is everywhere: the average American consumer sees over 3,000 commercials messages each day. Group Projects/Women…


Trafficking for sexual exploitation

Trafficking for sexual exploitation. Poverty, gender-based discrimination and a history of sexual and physical violence are all factors that can make women and ……



The United Nations Responses to the Sexual Abuse and …

The United Nations Responses To The Sexual Abuse And Exploitation Of Women And Girls By Peacekeepers During Peacekeeping Missions Muna Ndulo * International law ……


How Univision’s Pornography Fuels Exploitation | The Huffington Post


How Pornography Fuels Exploitation. By Ellie Hamalian. 210. … Porn. It is the first step in the process of dehumanizing women to the point of exploitation.


Sexual Exploitation of Women in the Univision Media Essay — Television TV


Sexual Exploitation of Women in the Media Women are sexually exploited in the media. In today’s society if people watch television programs such as Chingy featuring …



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