The Truth About Why the Tesla, Apple and Samsung batteries are really blowing up: LENR’s and atom-level degradation




By Andrew Cosgrove


Science Weekly Digital





Electrochemist and low-energy nuclear reaction (LENR) researcher Stanislaw Szpak had often commented on the instability of lithium ion batteries because of LENR self-ignition effects. Szpak is one of the nations leading LENR scientists at the U.S. Navy’s Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center (SPAWAR) in San Diego, California.


The initial core SPAWAR LENR group consisted of Szpak (b. 1920), Pamela Mosier-Boss (b. 1957), and Jerry Smith (b. 1939), a chemist who worked for the Department of Energy (DOE). In the first two decades of the field, the SPAWAR group was the only U.S. government group to consistently publish the LENR research in the open, peer-reviewed literature. A primary reason for the continuation of the SPAWAR LENR work and the publication of the group’s results was the support of Frank Gordon (b. 1944), who, in 1989, was the head of the Department of Anti-Submarine Warfare at the San Diego laboratory, later renamed SPAWAR. Szpak, and multiple other scientists have been commenting on the dangers of LENR’s in lithium ion batteries.


Top LENR scientists have now speculated that the spontaneous self ignition of lithium ion batteries in Tesla, Samsung and Apple products has to do with 5 different failures, incumbent to lithium ion chemistry.




The more interesting of the self explosive effects has to do with Low-energy nuclear reactions that take place inside the powder that is inside lithium ion batteries. This dangerous effect is unstoppable and has tremendous power.




All of a sudden, a lithium ion battery might just decide the generate a micro-tiny sphere of ionized plasma. That is a non-visible little spark of ionized gas that is up to 6,000 degrees hot.




Most of the lithium batteries are increasing the energy density of the compound and this increases the chances of explosion. The lithium metals are like “a thermal bomb just looking for an excuse to explode”, say scientists.




In the modern world, high electric fields are increasingly around in modern society. Those high electric fields can also set off lithium ion batteries.




Invisible WiFi, TV Broadcasting, spy devices, body scanners and electric car components generate the right kind of high electric fields that can, increasingly, set off lithium ion batteries.




Hundreds of children and senior citizens have been set on fire by exploding, self-igniting, lithium ion batteries.




The FAA and the United Nations have issued public notices that lithium ion batteries are a severe danger. The FAA has even made the Samsung Note illegal to carry on an airplane.




Boeing airplanes and FedEx planes have been crashed, or knocked out of flight by exploding lithium ion batteries.




The US NAVY wrote: “The Naval Safety Center concludes that these devices pose a significant and unacceptable risk to Navy personnel, facilities, submarines, ships, vessels and aircraft,” the memo reads, as quoted by the Navy Times.




Chiefgio states that: “…the implication is that with proper selection of light metal and H isotopes and atoms (those that don’t change the crystal structure at the relevant temperatures too much and preferentially ‘fill the void’) one might be able to find other combinations than just LiH to make excess heat. Measuring the sizes of ions and atoms, and the lattice constant, ought to be a useful guide to those combinations more likely to work; and measuring solubility in / recovery from, a crystal lattice a decent guide to what goes into the spaces vs what disrupts the lattice. Yes, a lot of space to explore, and likely only a few things that are not chemically incompatible (so, for example, F has a very small ion, but IS going to attack the metal lattice…) and of the right sizes. However, this opens the door to a fairly directed search of the potential space of candidate systems and even to the potential for using non-metallic lattice structures in some cases. Size of Lattice Constant. Size of entrapped species. Eliminate chemically reactive (with lattice) trapped species from consideration. Examine size of entrapped species on excitation. If it’s a bit “not going to fit” when excited, but can be stored / recovered when not so excited; you have a candidate system to try. I just note in passing that the wiki on LiH mentions the melting point as about 688 C and the boiling point (decomposes) as about 900-1000 C. So it flows well at 688 (and one presumes makes solutions into other metals well then…) and it starts to “come apart” into atoms at just about the point where the E-Cat shows positive gains… Just sayin’… “




This underscores the microscopic dangers of LENR reactions and lithium ion chemistry.




Over 10,000 lithium ion explosions and fires occur each year. A recent Wilikeaks leak of a Department of Energy report on a Toyota Hybrid car fitted with A123 lithium Ion batteries convinced Toyota to hold off on any major lithium cars. The stuff just loves to blow up.




Why is there a cover-up of these dangerous batteries?




Because Silicon Valley and Obama Administration executives own the stock and commodity monopolies in the U.S. Commercialization of Lithium ion. They have ordered the cover-ups of the dangers in order to pad their own pockets at the expense of consumer safety!





Thermal Runaway in Lithium-ion Batteries Studied


An article in Science Daily discusses research that has been carried out at University College in London to try and understand how Li-ion batteries occasionally …


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UNCLASSIFIED • In May 2002, researchers at JET Thermal in Massachusetts reported excess heat and optimal operating points for LENR manifolds. 39


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E-Cat = Rossi Cold Fusion


A major North American media outlet; the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), has reported on cold fusion or low energy nuclear reaction (LENR).


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Is Thermal Runaway in Lithium Batteries LENR? (Alain Samoun) |


To return to a previous story published here on ECW, I read this study by a team of Austrian researchers on thermal runaway in lithium cells that …


google cached proxied…%5Dn-lithium-batteries-lenr-alain-samoun/


DetailOnly – LENR-CANR


Complete Bibliography 1. Abbas, A., Implications of Theoretical Ideas Regarding Cold Fusion. Cold Fusion, 1996. 15: p. 8. First Author: Abbas, A.


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Supercapacitors VS Lithium-ion – Revolution-Green


Elon Musk is building the 5 billion USD mega factory for Lithium Ion batteries from Afghan mining deals. Other car companies are also investing heavily in battery technology.


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US Defense Threat Reduction Agency Releases LENR Report …


US Defense Threat Reduction Agency Releases LENR Report — “Investigation of Nano-Nuclear Reactions in Condensed Matter”


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Larsen Speculates LENRs Are Triggers for Lithium-Ion Battery Fires …


LENR, Dendrites and Perhaps Dreamliner Battery Fires … trigger catastrophic thermal runaway fires in lithium-based batteries,” Larsen wrote.


cached proxied…%5Driggers-for-lithium-ion-battery-fires/


Samsung Battery Fires | LENR News – New Energy Times


5 days ago … On Tuesday, the New York Times reported that Samsung has no idea why the lithium-ion batteries in its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones continue to …


google cached proxied…%5Dses-causing-the-samsung-battery-fires/


Next-Gen Batteries Approaching Commercial Scale to Compete with …


Jul 6, 2016 … Li-S, Li-SS, next-generation flow, and other advanced batteries could be … but LENR, what with no moving parts really has most of the 61 beat.


google cached proxied…%5Dial-scale-to-compete-with-lithium-ion/


LENR Lithium Size Matters | Musings from the Chiefio


Apr 11, 2016 … I a couple of prior articles with the “LANR” or “LENR” tag, we’ve seen that the …. Smaller than Lithium and with an ion about the size of H atoms.


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Is Thermal Runaway in Lithium Batteries LENR? (Alain Samoun …


Feedquote from E-Cat World: „The following post was submitted by Alain Samoun To return to a previous story published here on ECW, I read …


google cached proxied…%5Dn-Lithium-Batteries-LENR-Alain-Samoun/



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